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Dowlen Road Veterinary Ctr
(409) 860-4386
2396 Dowlen Rd
Beaumont, TX

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Custer, Lamon, Dvm - Dowlen Road Veterinary Ctr
(409) 860-4386
2396 Dowlen Rd
Beaumont, TX

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Fannett Veterinary Clinic
(409) 794-2712
18573 Fm 365 Rd
Beaumont, TX

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Sour Lake Veterinary Clinic
(409) 287-2288
1160 Highway 326 S
Sour Lake, TX

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Silsbee Animal Clinic
(409) 385-6588
7729 Fm 1122
Silsbee, TX

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Delaware Animal Clinic
(409) 892-2821
4010 Delaware St
Beaumont, TX

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Seymour, Scott A, Dvm - Beaumont West Animal Care
(409) 866-9900
1725 N Major Dr
Beaumont, TX

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Countryside Veterinary Clinic
(409) 755-7216
380 N L H S Dr
Lumberton, TX

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Wilcox Veterinary Clinic
(409) 962-9668
3548 E Parkway St
Groves, TX

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Acres North Veterinary Hospital
(806) 319-7846
5205 13th St
Lubbock, TX
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Canine Spay: A MyPetED Vet on What is a Spay in Dogs? Why Spay Dogs?

By Ernest Ward, DVM

What does it mean to “spay” a dog?MyPetED Image: To Spay a Dog is to perform surgery that removes the uterus and ovaries

  • Spay is the common term used to describe the surgical procedure known scientifically as an ovariohysterectomy.
  • During a spay operation, your vet makes an incision just below the naval and removes both the ovaries and uterus.
  • This sterilizes a female pet so that she can’t breed.

What are the advantages of spaying a female dog?

All female dogs should be spayed because it benefits their health and helps reduce pet overpopulation. The many specific health benefits of spaying your dog include:

  • Preventing "heat" or estrus
  • Eliminating your dog’s urge to escape and find a mate during heat (this can be dangerous).
  • Eliminating your dog’s hormone fluctuations that cause false pregnancy
  • Preventing pyometra, a serious uterine infection
  • Preventing breast cancer, especially if your dog is spayed before the first "heat" (This reduces the chance of developing breast cancer to less than 0.5%)
  • Eliminating uterine and ovarian cancer risks

Guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for deaf individuals, and dogs for the disabled are routinely spayed and it doesn’t hinder their ability to perform their duties.

When should the spay dog operation be performed?

  • Your veterinarian will likely recommend the spay operation at 4-6 months of age; before your pet enters puberty.
  • At most animal shelters, spaying is done as earlier to help control over-population. This does not appear to be detrimental to the pets.

Is spaying performed on dogs at other times?

Yes, spaying is used as treatment for certain medical conditions including:

  • Intractable false or phantom pregnancy
  • Ovarian cysts that are causing irregular or abnormal cycles
  • Pyometra (uterine infection) or cancer
  • Dystocia (difficult birthing) or post caesarean-section surgery
  • Certain behavioral abnormalities

What are the disadvantages of spaying?

  • There’s a myth that spayed dogs will become obese, lazy, and useless. This is NOT true. In most cases, obesity is the result of overfeeding and not exercising enough; not a result of spaying. By regulating your pets' diet and calories, you can prevent obesity in spayed and intact females.
  • There’s no evidence that spaying causes a change in personality, guarding instincts, intelligence, playfulness and affection.
  • Finally, there’s no scientific evidence that having puppies is good for the dog and can have a calming effect. In fact, sometimes a pregnancy can endanger the dog’s health.

What happens when I leave my dog for this procedure?

  • Since a spay operation is a major surgical event, general anesthesia is required .
  • Therefore, you’ll need to withhold food prior to the procedure; but your dog can have water. (Your vet will provide instructions.)
  • Your vet examines your dog and runs pre-anesthetic blood tests first, to find or rule out any hidden conditions that may cause problems when your dog is under anesthesia (s...

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